Nostalgia Press
Hi! First and foremost, my name is Mark. 20 Designer from Phil. I'm kind of a Closet Otaku, Hipster too.
I'm pretty loud online when people get to know me, just like IRL. I'm outgoing, fun, outburst of emotions etc.
An Aspiring Artist.
I'm a Virgo by the way.
For Foreign Languages, I'm fluent with English and close to fluent Japanese. I also want to learn more foreign languages.
I translate stuff in my spare time(Jap to Eng)
Big Lover of Japanese History and Culture
My ultimate favorite character would be Hatsune Miku, I really love her and her songs. She brings more color to my life.
Hatsune Miku is my Goddess.
Miku is the same as me, she is a Virgo. Her Birthday is August 31, two days after mine. I sing, I dance, I tried tons of different sports, I build computers, editing, fixing stuffs etc. Currently enchanted by a lovely lady.